Summer Essentials: Fashion ft.

For my final installment of my summer essentials I obviously had to do my essential clothing items for summer. recently contacted to participate in their 'Closet Swap' campaign which looks at how we change our wardrobe to get summer ready which fits in nicely with my summer essentials series.

Levi 501 Shorts  (similar)
Shorts: Shorts are probably the most obvious Summer essential and it's just what people do in the summer isn't it? The first sign of it being higher than 10 degrees and bam the shorts are out. These are by far my favourite pair of shorts as they are just so easy to wear and match with anything. They are Levis that I got from a 'vintage' shop (lets face it they probably aren't vintage) about 4 years ago but you can find them in any vintage shop or on ebay. They have become a little bit big for me but it's nothing a belt can't fix. Shorts are just something easy to shove on without having to worry about the wind blowing up your dress - they're the perfect go to item. 
H&M Daisy Print Crop Top
Topshop Mint Crop Top (similar)
Crop Tops: I'm not a huge fan of baring all in summer as I feel a bit overexposed and self conscious. I tend to wear crop tops as they are smaller than your average top so you're not as hot and I wear them with high-waisted bottoms to cover up my belly because having my belly out isn't really a look I like all that much. You can buy crop tops anywhere and everywhere for very cheap. I have a variety from dasiy printed, striped, plain and cropped band t-shirts. They look good with most things particularly the Levi shorts. 

Kimono: ah the good ol' kimono. These are so perfect for summer when it's a little bit cooler perhaps if you're out in the evening and if it turns out that you don't need it, you can roll it up and shove it in your bag because it's just so lightweight and a perfect alternative to a cardigan. 

Primark T-Shirt Dress
T-shirt Dress: I didn't realise how much I needed a t-shirt dress until I bought one. They are amazing for when you think you're going to be too hot in all of your other clothes as it's just so light and comfortable and easy to just shove on. For me this summer the t-shirt dress is going to be my favourite casual look paired with different jewellery and a pair of sandals. 

Primark Sliders
 Sandals: If you regularly read my posts you will know that I wear boots all of the time but when it comes to summer, it hurts me to say it, but it's just too warm to wear boots and you need something to let your feet breathe. I usually find it really hard to find sandals that I like but this year I have already bought 2 pairs because of this Birkenstock/slider trend that's going on and I love them. I have them in black and white so they match with everything.
So these are my summer essentials and how I have updated my wardrobe for summer. If you're in need of summer 'closet swap' or wardrobe update head to where you can buy and sell gift cards for so many shops at a discounted price which you can then use to go and buy your summer essentials.
What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

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  1. Love those shorts! Totally agree with you on the crop top point - I'm not getting my stomach out for anyone! haha My summer essential has to be my mint green shorts, can dress them up or down! xx

    1. ooh mint green shorts - they sound fab! x


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