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I don't know whether it's just me but during the summer there are certain bands, artists, songs etc. that make me think "it's summer" so today I thought I would compile a Summer playlist to share with you what music reminds me of the hot weather and summer sunshine.
1. You and Me Song - The Wannadies This song reminds me of my journeys to sixth form in the summer when I used to play this song every morning so now it just gives me that summer feeling.
2. My Song 5 - Haim Who doesn't love Haim? They dress amazingly and have the best hair and this song puts me in a good and dancey mood.
3. Club Tropicana - Wham! I think this song is pretty self explanatory. I love Wham! quite a lot and this is the ultimate summer song.
4. My Number - Foals I always underestimate how much I love Foals and this song is a lot happier, more upbeat and summery than some of my other favourite songs of theirs.
5. Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend I think Vampire Weekend make some of the best summer music as it's really upbeat and this is just one of those songs that I can't help but sing to.
6. Heart Out - the 1975 The 1975 are by far one of my favourite bands ever so no playlist is complete without them.
7. That's Entertainment - The Jam I really love The Jam and this song is one where I can imagine myself sat in my garden or going somewhere nice with my headphones in and the sun shining down. Perfect.
8. Ghost Train - Summer Camp This is the first song that I heard by Summer Camp and it's just soft and calm and nice to listen to.
9. Do-Wah-Doo - Kate Nash I bought one of Kate Nash's albums the other summer so this song reminds of going to Stratford upon Avon on a nice hot day
10. 505 - Arctic Monkeys This song is probably an all rounder really as it reminds me of sitting in the sun with my headphones in music turned up loud in the summer but it also reminds me of sitting in my dark bedroom in the winter with a cup of tea. I think all AM fans love this song.
And to save you from youtubing all the songs I have compiled a playlist for you all on 8tracks. Enjoy.

What's on your summer playlist?

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