How I use the Seventeen Wow! 3 Way Highlighter

Initially I bought this with the intention just to use it as your basic highlighter and then realised that you can use it in 3 different ways: as a primer, to add to your foundation or to, as I intended, highlight your face. I have used it in all three ways and found different results.
As a primer - I have to say I was probably the most disappointed with the product when using it as a primer as it didn't really change the way that my foundation/make up looked. Equally I didn't notice any difference in how long my make up lasted from using it as a primer and found better results from the Flawless Poreless Primer from the Seventeen collection.
Add to foundation - Unlike when using it as a primer I could really tell the difference when adding a small splodge to my foundation. I was a bit worried that I would look a bit 'Edward Cullen in the sunshine' but it gave more of a subtle glow than shimmery. It is a really good way to lighten those foundations that a bit too dark for you (I have plenty) but it does weaken their coverage slightly. I really like using it this way and it would be great for giving you that summer glow.
As a highlighter - This is probably the most common way that I use the highlighter. I sweep a small amount onto my cheek bones, nose and forehead when contouring. It really does emphasis your cheek bones much better than your average powder highlighter.
Overall I love using this product in 2 out of the 3 ways, meaning I will certainly get a lot of use out of it.
Have you used this product or do you use a different highlighter or primer?

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