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As I have probably mentioned in previous posts I am becoming a bit of a homeware addict fuelled by images on Pinterest of the most amazing rooms. My love is becoming increasingly worse as I'm off to uni in September so need lots of homeware bits from plates and dishes to bedcovers etc. My Dad has agreed to take me to Ikea because shockingly I have never been before and I think it's about time I go. I have been perusing on their website and it's safe to say that I want pretty much everything. However I have scaled it down to the top 6 things that I want.
1) MULIG Clothes Rack £6.50 - I love how these free standing clothes racks look with your favourite items of clothing on and I think it gives you a bit more inspiration when you don't know what to wear. I have seen similar ones in Argos etc. but they are more expensive and not as nice so this one is great at only £6.50 and it's exactly what I want.
2) CACTACEAE Potted Plant £3.50 -  I really love the way cacti look just sat on a windowsill or desk but I think they look best when there's a few of them. I already have 2 (one with googly eyes) and an aloe plant so I just want a few more to go with my collection. They are the best plant for lazy people like myself because they don't need much watering so it's ok if you forget.  I'm not sure how many you get when you buy this whether it's just one or a set. If it's just one I might head to my local market instead as they have loads for cheaper but £3.50 isn't that bad.
3) Tejn Faux Sheepskin Rug £10 - I have wanted a sheepskin rug like this one probably since I was about 7 and 11 years on (wow I feel old) I still want one and will finally get to because this bad boy is £20 less than every single sheepskin rug I have ever looked at. What's not to love?
4) TIDSENLIG Scented Candle £2.25 - I don't think there's much I can say about this other than it's so adorable and pretty. It says that it's scented but not what scent it is so I am a bit unsure about this one really because you never know it may smell horrid.
5) EMMIE LAND Duvet Cover £10 - I need another duvet cover set for when I go to uni and this is perfect. I have wanted a 'toile de jouy' style duvet set for a long time but they are usually really expensive but finally I've found one that isn't.
6) KROKETT Glass £1 - How cute is this glass? I think it's quite teeny tiny but so cute. I have already got some soda glasses but this would look so cute with them. I think it would be perfect for a little glass of lemonade or a big shot glass - whatever floats you boat.
Those are the things that I want the most when I am off to Ikea but me being me I may end up buying more or something different so I am thinking maybe an Ikea haul?
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    1. I know but I think they've discontinued it now as I couldn't get it when I went! Such a shame! x

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