Sexism In The Summer

Today's post is taking a different a theme to usual but it's something I've been thinking about for a while and a topic that I have seen a lot on the internet lately, particularly on the Twitter of Everyday Sexism who highlight daily instances of sexism that people experience.
Have you ever been walking down the road and had men whistling at you? Beeping their car horns? Shouting inappropriate comments at you such as "get ya tits out"? As the temperatures rise everyone, both men and women, start to wear less clothing because y'know stops you from being all sweaty and stuff. However it seems that some men (emphasis on the some) see at as appropriate to make women feel uncomfortable by catcalling, wolf whistling, car beeping or just generally spurting inappropriate comments simply because they are exposing more flesh than usual. I know this happens all year round but it seems a lot more common during the hot weather when more skin is revealed as it's more weather-appropriate. This is a topic that really annoys me. Why should women be made to feel uncomfortable for wearing shorts on such a hot day? The unwanted harassment tends to give the urge to go home and totally cover yourself up. But why? You shouldn't feel bad or uncomfortable for getting your legs out or wearing that lovely new dress you bought just because some idiot made an inappropriate remark.
If this happens to you just remember that exposing your skin IS NOT an invitation for harassment - you are not in the wrong, they are. Don't let other people, male or female, make you feel crappy about what you're wearing or how you look. 

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  1. It must be so annoying that their behaviour is passed off as having too much to drink. I'm sure if a woman did the same whilst drunk they would be called all of the names under the sun! Thanks for following - I love your blog too x


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