Changing Prescription Glasses into Sunglasses


I finally took my own advice, as mentioned in my 'pale girl's guide to summer' post, and got some prescription sunglasses. Everywhere I have looked prescription sunglasses are always out of my price range as they tend to be around the £45+ mark. Instead I have always bought sunglasses with non-prescription lenses but of course I can never see out of them all that well so tend not to wear them.
However I recently discovered that you can get an old pair of prescription glasses tinted and with UV filters. Initially I went to Specsavers but it turns out they only tint glasses that have been purchased at Specsavers. Since mine were not I looked at local, independent opticians and took them to a place called 'Phillip Pratt'. They simply sent them away where they were tinted and then sent back, taking around 4 days and costing £20 which is £8 more expensive than Specsavers but still not a ridiculous price.
All you have to bear in mind is that if you take them to an opticians other than where you bought them from, they may struggle to take the lenses out in order to tint them. Wherever you take them will probably tell you that there is a risk that the frames or lenses breaking so I don't advise taking your favourite pair of glasses. Luckily mine didn't break and it was a risk worth taking.
And now I finally have a pair of sunglasses that are going to both protect my eyes and that I can see out of. Saying that now that I have them the sun has gone in and it's going to rain for a few weeks. Just my luck eh?

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  1. i never knew you could take in old glasses and tint them! so handy, i always end up shoving my contact lenses in xx


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