Life Update: Results Day

*warning - kinda lengthy post*
Although I have been posting regularly I have actually been a bit MIA with blogging since Thursday which seems like a lifetime ago. If you somehow missed all the action on Twitter and the rest of social media/the world, Thursday was A-Level results day. I have been worrying about results day since about May before I even did my exams so you can imagine what I was like on the day. But I opened the envelope and was greeted by *intense pause* A*ABB (history, psychology, RS, EPQ) and I was honestly so surprised. I convinced myself that I wasn't going to get an A in any of my subjects so an A* was just insane. However my firm uni choice, which was Bristol University, hadn't responded and didn't do until yesterday at around 3 when they told me that I didn't get in because I didn't get AAA even though I got the A* in history which is what I'm studying. However I am now a proud soon-to-be student at the University of West England studying history, meaning that soon I shall be moving to good old Bristol.
Now then, as for blogging we may have a teeny bit of an issue. I have found accommodation which is all good but my room is teeny tiny so I don't know whether I will be able to take outfit pictures that are any good. I will obviously have to wait and see. I have no intention of giving up blogging but it may be less regularly and/or not as good.
But anyway, I will stop my ramblings on and if you got this far then give yourself a pat on the back. Now I am going to wallow in self pity over my sore knee and ikky belly from last night's drunken escapades. I hope you all got the results you wanted! Are any of you going to UWE? 

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  2. Congrats on the results!! Those are amazing :) Bristol is a lovely city and I love it! xx

  3. Congrats! My sister who is your age got into Kings College London to do Hispanic Studies and she is super excited, nothing compares to getting results that exceeded your expectations :)

  4. Well done on your results! Hope you have a fab time at uni! xx

  5. Congratulations, those results are amazing! and well done for getting into uni!

  6. Congratulations on your results and I hope you enjoy uni!
    Also, your cactus collection is so cute xx


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