Top 5 Places To Buy Affordable Homeware

Cactus, Milk Bottle and Flower - IKEA // Bowl and Lights - B&M // Bunny Lamp - Urban Outfitters
As of recent I have been on a bit of a homeware high and I love looking for new pieces but sometimes it all gets a bit expensive and I am left just wishing. However there are a handful of places that do amazing homeware items for just a fraction of the price and cheap homeware is something I have been looking for since preparing for uni.
B&M I don't think B&M is a shop that everyone has heard of and if you haven't then you should find your nearest one as they sell everything from food and beauty products to furniture and DIY but all at discounted prices. They do the loveliest 'shabby chic' inspired pieces such as these heart fairy lights for only £3.99. I have these arranged in a bowl also from B&M - a great combination.

 Home Bargains This shop is very similar to B&M and they do the cutest vintage inspire pieces such as the bunny rabbit lamp that was in Urban Outfitters for £9 but at a fraction of the price at £1.99. I particularly love these vintage inspired storage crates.

The Range Oh how I love the Range. I can spend hours in there as well as a lot of money. Everything is arranged in terms of colour and style which makes it easier to buy matching items, which makes it so much easier to maintain the same style in a room. They have ornaments, candles, photo frames - you name it. I love how these photo frames look so much more expensive than they are. 
Wilkinsons Wilko's home range keeps getting better and better and some of their pieces look really expensive. They are particularly good for those items that you really don't need but really want such as these coloured bottles. They are equally good for practical items such as duvets and pillows are they are much cheaper at wilko than everywhere else and just as good.
Ikea Last but most certainly not least is Ikea. Whilst some of there items are stupidly expensive, like why would you spend £50 on a rug? They also do a lot of affordable pieces both practical and non-practical. Their cactus collection is particularly impressive.
Where do you buy your affordable homeware?

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  1. want the bunny lamp!!!! and ngl best thing about leaving home so far has definitely been all these ikea trips xx


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