Uni Checklist #2: The Dreaded Clothes Sort Out - 4 helpful tips

As the distance between me and going to uni shortens, the need to start sorting out my stuff is becoming more urgent. I have a lot of clothes and seeing as my room is going to be small, I wont have a lot of space so I really need to sort out my wardrobe before I go instead of taking crap I don't need. So here are some tips for sorting the tat.
Source: Pinterest
1. How often you do actually wear it? It might be pretty and yes it may have been a bargain but do you wear it? If the answer is no then get rid. I saw a tip in a magazine to help with this. Hang it in your wardrobe with the hanger the wrong way and after so long see what things are still the wrong way round. That's the stuff you don't wear.
2. Weather Believe it or not but you might not need to take your favourite summer dress and all of the denim shorts you own for the winter term because you probably wont wear it (unless your crazy and like being cold). Leave summer stuff at home and this way there's more room for jumpers.
3. Outfit Plan. Plan outfits you want to wear and this way you can what you really want to take and perhaps what you wont mind leaving behind.
4. If It's Tatty Let It Go. If it's got holes or it's bobbly or just a bit worn, get rid of it because you probably wont want to wear it if it's tatty.
These are tips I am going to have to force myself to follow and I hope they help you too. Do you have any tips?

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