Recent Favourite: REN Hot Cloth Cleanser


REN Hotcloth Cleanser - £16.00

Recently I've been trying out the REN hot cloth cleanser which seems to be a must have product in the blogger world. If you're new to the world of hot cloth cleansers, you simply smooth it all over your face to remove make up and dirt etc. (if you're wearing eyeliner this stage will leave you looking like a panda). Then soak a face cloth in hot water and place over your face. Then using the same cloth, wipe of the cleanser.
Initially I did think, how good is this actually going to be but I found to be quite refreshing, especially the stage to open up your pores. It's really soothing. I also did find an improvement in my skin after using the product as it makes sure that all of the dirt and impurities are removed which make up removers/normal cleansers don't always do. Saying that I don't like it enough to spend £16 on it. Perhaps if there's a dupe, I might use that but hey if you have the money to spend I say go for it.
Have you used it? What do you think?
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  1. heard so much about ren products, sounds wicked though but yeah so expensive! xx

  2. I love hot cloth cleansers, but £16 seems quite expensive! Superdrug do their our Vitamin E one for like half the price, which I love :) xx


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