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We all have an old phone lying around the house that just sits there. We never really know what to do with them either do we? We're not supposed to just shove them in the wheely bin so we just leave them sat in a draw, turn them on from time to time to laugh at the pictures we took when we were 13. That might be just me.
That's when I checked how much my phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia X8) was worth on Envirofone and realised that I would get £11 for it. That's not a lot but at the end of the day, it's an extra £10 that I didn't have before. All you do is make an account, click sell and you will get a parcel pack to send it off in. They will check that it turns on - but you can sell it even if it's broken - and they will e-mail you to tell you when your cheque will be posted. There are other payment options available but cheque seemed like the safest option. The whole process took just under 3 weeks, which isn't long really and that was mainly due to me forgetting to go to the post office to post the parcel.
I totally recommend Envirofone as a quick and easy way to sell your phone as they do seem fairly reliable. It is particularly good if the phone you want to sell is a good phone as you can get a lot more than £10. Who knows you might be sitting on a gold mine. Or if it's really old you may get a whopping 59p for it - don't spend it all at once. The only downside is that there is a chance your phone is worth nothing but if this is the case, you can still send it to them and they will recycle it for you totally free of charge. Even though you wont get paid, it's still worth it to declutter.
Will you be selling your old phone?
*This is not a sponsored post - I just want to share the love*

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