Uni Checklist #3: Stationary, Books etc.

When going to uni, believe it or not you need not only the nice stuff to decorate your new room but you will also need stuff to actually do some work - boring I know but it's what you're there for, right? Here's a checklist of a few bits and pieces that will be useful for all that studying you're going to do.
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  • Notebooks -I'm a paper snob and will only use the Oxford paper which is currently in a half price sale at Tesco so stock up now - I've bought 9.
  • Pens. So many pens.
  • Ruler, rubber, sharpener, hole puncher, stapler and what not
  • Folders/ring binders. Get the leaver arch ones as they are so much sturdier
  • Laptop Case
  • Memory sticks
  • Pencil case - mandatory! You cannot start school/uni without a new pencil case. It's a fact of life
  • Diary - to keep up to date of when things need to be handed in, what you're doing and when.
  • Books for your course**
  • Post it notes
  • A hot beverage of your choosing (or several). Just to keep you going.
**You will have been given a reading list of books you should have a look at before you start uni. Don't try and buy them all because it will cost you a fortune and they don't actually expect you to read them all (or any). Buy one or two and then get the rest from the library when you get there.

I hope that this post is useful to you when buying the rest of your stuff for uni and if I've missed anything do let me know! I am also thinking of doing a useful tips for at uni/school style thing to keep me sane and to help other people out, such as tips for revising and staying focused and stuff because I know people find it hard and the only way I can stay on top of things is to write it down so my blog might be a useful place to put it.

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