Life Update: Excuses, Excuses


 Long time no blog. I have many excuses for my lack of blogging, one being that I have stupidly lost/misplaced/buried (underneath my crap) my SD card so I have had to wait for my sister to send me one because I don't want to pay for another one (student problems). I have also had loads of essays to do (I say loads, I've had 2) and now is the only time where I have been able to relax a little bit. I've just had an 11 hour sleep and had waffles and biscuits for breakfast so it's safe to say I am loving life as a student. Now that I have an SD card I will be able to blog. I am hoping to do some make up reviews and (if I ever tidy my room) I will try and do some outfit posts - but don't hold me to it. My outfits have been very uninspiring as of late and leggings make frequent appearance which goes against everything I believe in but they are so comfy for 10am-6pm uni days. Make sure you follow me on instagram (amyleehaynes) because I post much more regularly on there or follow me on Twitter (@amyleehaynes) for witty life updates.

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  1. waffles you are blummin livin the life soggy cereal is as glamorous as im getting atm!! also love your grey jumper xx

  2. My outfits are so uninspiring at the moment too! I swear I wear the same 5 shift dresses to work each week... Glad to hear that you are enjoying the student life :-) xx

  3. Lovely photos.


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