Update #1

Bought myself a record player // Snow ugh // Finally watched TGBH // First selfie of 2015// Best Purchases of 2015 so far

My first update of 2015 and I must assure you it's not that exciting. All of have done this year so far is coursework and been to Ikea (I have a home decor addiction ok?). Oh and watched Grey's Anatomy but that's obvious, right? I have figured out that working in HMV makes me want to buy all of the CDs. Ever. I am loving The War on Drugs, Future Islands, Royal Blood and Grimes and currently have them on repeat. I must admit I'm not appreciating these weather warnings for snow, especially since I moved to Bristol to get away from the stuff and I just want to stay in bed for the rest of my life. Like seriously. As of now I am starting on a 5 month revision mission so I may be a bit inconsistent with the whole blogging lark and I will probably only blog as an act of procrastination. I will probably do a lot more posts like this one, so I hope you'll enjoy them!

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  1. I reaally want to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel! Good luck with the revision :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink


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