Update #2

Long time, no speak! I'm sure you're sick to death of hearing the same old excuses from me but I have had so much uni work to do. I've been practically living in the library and any spare time I've had I've spent in bed watching Masterchef and the Sewing Bee (yes I am 80 years old). However the mornings and evenings are lighter, meaning more time for me to take blog pictures so I shall be dedicating some of my time to get me ass into gear and whack out some blog posts. I have SO many things to show you guys, it's insane. Anyway lets talk about what I've been up to: 

  • I've sorted out my house for second year of uni (it's tres beautiful)
  • Singing to camp rock in the shower has become a regular thing
  • Many hours have been spent discussing differences between Northerners and Southerners (I conclude that people in the South are weird)
  • 2 people thought I was Scottish (like I said Southerners are weird)
  • I went to see Selma which is the best film on this planet srsly
  • The band that is the Lancashire Hotpots entered my life (so fab)
  • Hours spent scrolling through literally thousands of pages of cabinet papers (did you know that the cabinet once discussed milk prices?)
  • I started doing yoga as a means of procrastination
  • Drunken escapades to Cabot Tower
  • Many hours watching Drunk History - that's educational, right?
  • (and historic rap battles)
  • Renaissance art memes are life
Hopefully you'll be seeing more posts from me in the near future! 

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