Turtle Neck and Chunky Boots

Jumper - Primark
Jeans - Charity Shop
Boots - Primark
Watch - Casio

I think my life should be titled: mom jeans, turtle necks and chunky boots because I'm pretty sure that's all that I wear. However this is a relatively new turtleneck to add to my collection and it's super soft. Admittedly my Nan has one too but that just means we've both got good taste, right? I liked it so much  I bought one in white too. What better way to wear a turtle neck than with mom jeans? My blue charity shop ones are still going strong, even if they are a tad (a lot) too big for me. These boots are glued to my feet and to say they're from Primark, they have lasted me a good while! Some of the coating is coming off but they are most certainly still wearable. Shout out to Primark! 

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