Summer Scents

Now that sun is finally shining it felt right to adopt a new summer scent, something a bit lighter and fresher than the warming winter smells I tend to stick to. I will, as always, be continuing to wear my Marc Jacobs 'Dot' as that's one of my favourites all year round but here are two that I have pruchased especially for those super summery days. 

 Flora Exotica Eau de toilette - Primark £2
I've never really considered Primark as a place where I'd buy perfume but I was sucked in by the seriously summery packaging. I had a sniff and was immediately hooked. It quite fruity as it contains mangosteen fruit but at the same time it's very florally because of the crushed jasmine. It's a very exotic sort of smell so perfect for those hot summer days and it's rollerball applicator makes it easy to keep reapplying throughout the day.

Coconut Body Mist - The Body Shop £7.50
For me, coconut is the ultimate summer smell because it always reminds me of the smell of suncream. I always find it hard to find a coconut body mist, it's easy to find moisturisers and soap but sprays are much more rare. It's a very light and fresh scent and will definitely be my go to throughout the summer and every summer to come. 

What are your favourite scents for summer?

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