This Month in History - May

 Seeing as I'm a big of a history nerd, I've decided to try and incorporate it into my blog a bit more but in a non-boring way. At the end of each month there will now be a post to round up anniversaries of events from throughout that month. It's a good and easy way to make you think about the past. This month we have the Loch Ness monster,  Shrek, blue jeans and the Sex Pistols. 

  1. 2nd - Loch Ness monster sighted 1933
  2. 5th - First American in space 1961 - YOU GO ALAN B SHEPARD but Yuri Gagarin did it first a month earlier.
  3. 7th - Sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 in the German blockade of British trade, killing thousands of civilians
  4. 8th - Victory in Europe (VE) day, celebrating 70 years since the Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of Germany
  5. 17th - Brown v Board of education 1954 (Brown v Topeka) was a crucial moment in the African American Civil Rights movement, declaring that segregation in public schools violated the 14th Amendment. 
  6. 18th - Shrek released in 2001. This is just to make you feel old - Shrek came out 14 years ago guys. 
  7. 20th - Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis receive patent for blue jeans 1873. They are the reason you wear blue jeans. Who said history was boring?
  8. 30th Joan of Arc martyred. 
  9. 31st BBC bans the Sex pistols' 'God save the queen' in 1977. Some people saw it as treasonous and wanted them to be hanged but it reached no. 2 in the charts so the majority of the country obviously liked it. I know I do. 
  10. 31st Big Ben goes into operation in 1859.

What do you think of this sort of post? Do you think it's a good idea?

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  1. I actually thought this post was really interesting, please do this type of post more!
    -Cait xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I will hopefully be doing this post at the end of every month x

  2. Shrek was 14 years ago!! Wow i do feel realllllll old!!
    This was such an interesting post, its so refreshing to read something that isn't beauty and fashion all the time (not yours I mean other blogs) xx

  3. Nice post sweetie :)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back !


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