Why I love My Uni Room & Home Wishlist

I wrote a post back in September when I first moved into my student accommodation and 8 months on it only seems right to share with you all the reasons why I loved it. 

Having no living room means that I spend all my time in my bedroom. This is where I sleep, study (ha) , watch TV and eat so it has to be pretty darn cosy for me to not go insane.  That also means this room is pretty special. It's where I've spent most of my first year of uni. It's where I was sat when I found out all of my coursework grades, where I sat to write all of those horrific essays and, of course, where I sat to watch every episode of the IT Crowd in avoidance of all the work I had to do. Being a messy person, my bed is rarely ever made but that made it so much easier to come home from uni and just crawl back in. 

As for the actual decor of my room, it's a bit of a mish mash between simple, minimalist styles with bits of random stuff that I like (I'm looking at you, Kitchener). If you follow me on pinterest you know the sort of styles I like; a lot of white sheets and black, grey and copper accessories dotted around the room, not to mention numerous (I have 11) cacti.  Cushions are a must for staying comfy, especially if you do all of your sitting around in bed. 

I thought I'd throw in a wishlist to share the sort of things that I like and make the perfect room. It's also sort of a list of things I want for when I leave my current house and into my new one. I'm hoping for crisp white sheets, like those at Parachute Home, super soft blankets and loads of candles seeing as I can burn them in my new house. If you haven't heard of Parachute and you really like the minimal, classic sort of style, you should really check them out as they have a range of beautiful products that would go perfectly well with the marble look H&M cushion and copper basket from Hema. Hopefully I will love my new room as much as my current one.

What do you think makes a perfect room? What do you love about your room?

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  1. I would have everything off your wishlist if only I could afford it, I adore the style. Ive loved my first year uni room too, but can't wait to have an actual living room next year so I don't spend basically ALL my time in one room! Hope your first year has gone well and your exams/essays if you've had any! x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle blog

    1. It will be really nice to have a living room! My first year has gone really well thank you, I hope yours has gone well too! x


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