5 Reasons you should be binge watching Community right now

Now that I've finished my first year of uni, I've had a lot of time on my hands - a lot of time. Much of this time has been dedicated to binge watching TV shows. First there was Misfits, then New Girl and now I have discovered Community and I recommend that you do too. Here's 5 reasons you should be binge watching it right this very second. 

1. Puns glorious puns. Are puns your favourite type of joke? Of course they are and Community is full of them, especially name puns. 
2. It's Inspirational From Jeff's regular motivational speech-giving to Britta's consistent activism, Community covers it. 

3. You'll never get bored Each episode is different. Sometimes there's singing. Sometime's there's paintballing. Sometimes there's closing the whole college to host the worlds biggest pillow fight. But is there ever any learning? 
4. Inappropriate & strange sense of humour. It's funny. You're not sure why but it is. 
5. Troy and Abed. The main reason you should watch Community is for these two. Ultimate friendship goals and by far the funniest characters. 
If I haven't convinced you already, the episodes are only on for 20 minutes each so it wont take long to get through all 6 seasons. What are you waiting for?


Do you already watch Community? 

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