Chester Zoo

Warning- Picture Heavy Post

Believe it or not this is a heavily reduced number of the pictures my sister and I actually took whilst at Chester Zoo the other week. Yep between us we took over 600. yikes. Despite the wet and windy weather we wandered around the zoo looking at all of the animals, walking through the butterfly enclosure and a room filled with tropical birds, where I constantly thought one was going to land/poop on me. I still don't know how I feel about zoos, whether they're a good thing or a bad thing. The orangutans and chimpanzees didn't look happy at all but the rest of the animals seemed to be fine. The fish, flamingoes and sloths (yes they had sloths but they were really hard to photograph) were my favourite and there was some really nice trees. Yep my sister was excited about the lions and I was excited about the trees.

How do you feel about zoos? Have you been to Chester zoo? What are your favourite animals?

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  1. Great photos!

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