How I Spend Lazy Days

I'm one of those poor unfortunate souls who has to work all day on Sunday so I don't get to use Sundays as my lazy day. Instead I have my lazy day during the week (everyday). We all have our own ideas of what to do on a lazy day and I think it's nice to see how different people spend it and get ideas so we're not just bored. 

In one of my previous posts, I said how I don't have a living room so I spend my lazy days in my bedroom, usually in bed. I tend not to get up until at least 11am, maybe even later. I spend an hour or so drinking coffee and flicking through Instagram before getting showered and dressed into a comfy outfit, usually leggings or jeans. Next, I put my laptop on, read through blogs, watch TV - I'm really into Misfits and New Girl at the moment - and I will do this until I get hungry. Quick break for food and then back to the TV watching. I will do this probably until 1 am. Lazy days for me are spent doing the bare minimum but we all need a lazy day once in a while don't we?

How do you spend your lazy days? Do you just stay in bed too? Do you even bother getting dressed?

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  1. I always just lay on bed after a shower/bath flicking through instagram xx

  2. haha i love this, love a bit of new girl on a lazy day! x

    1. It's soooo good, I feel like Jess is my spirit animal! x


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