New Home Wishlist - Ikea & Hema


As of next week I will be moving into my new student house. What better time to replace any shabby old things that I have managed to destroy in the last 6 months? I feel like this wishlist turned into a bit of a basket wishlist. I intend to use the first copper basket to store my hair stuff like dryers etc. I see these baskets all over pinterest and this one is only £4! The other baskets will be used as either washing baskets or to store my endless amounts of stuff. My new room will have a double bed so I have to buy new bedsheets, as you can see I am really liking the grid print. I will be getting a neutral coloured blanket so it matches whatever bedsheets I do end up buying. Finally, I can't remember if I have a bedside table. If not, how sweet is this table from Ikea and it's only £15 - bargain! 

Are you going to uni or moving into new accommodation? What stuff do you want for your new room?

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