3 Ways to use Coconut Oil

I'm sure we've all heard of the wonders of coconut oil and how you can use for almost everything, from putting it in your food, cleansing and oil pulling. This version from Superdrug has a few added ingredients meaning you probably shouldn't eat it but instead it makes it much better for use on your body. Here's my top 3 ways of using coconut oil. 

1. As a shaving cream Simply dig some out and smooth on your legs whilst in the shower and use this bad boy as a shaving cream. It makes it easier to shave and moisturises at the same time without leaving you with shaving rash. 
2. As a moisturiser Smooth this over your body after a bath or shower and your skin will feel instantly softer. It's best in summer as it will leave you smelling like coconut - a key summer scent.
3. Getting rid of 'chicken skin'/KP Coconut oil is known for it's ability to calm or get rid of KP or chicken skin/those red bumpy bits you get on your skin. 

These are just few of the many things that coconut oil is good for. Why not try it as a hair mask or facial cleanser! 

How do you use coconut oil? 

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