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kitty tongue // cacti & new candle // 38p flowers thanks ASDA // Pretty tree // Aloe Plant/ Cheeky ASOS order // flamingo mug // healthy breakfasts / shameless selfie 

Ticking off one of my 5 Goals for July, I started working a few extra hours seeing as I have time and could do with some more money. I only did 5 days but oh wow it tired me out. Shout out to you people who do it week in week out because I really couldn't and it makes me fear becoming an adult and having to do that regularly. I've also agreed to start volunteering as a historical researcher at a local museum which is pretty cool and is giving me a push in the right direction in terms of a career (which I never want to think about - let me be a teen forever). Other than that I have been doing a whole lot of nothing and spending my money on stuff I don't need but hey what's new there then? 

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