This Month In History - July

Has it really been another month already? It's the last day of the month which can only mean a 'this month' in history post where I'm highlighting some interesting and important anniversaries of events. This month we're talking civil rights, bikinis, Disneyland and plots to kill Hitler. 

1. On 2nd July 1964, President Lyndon B Johnson passed the civil rights act to prevent racial segregation. However further action was needed to grant African Americans with equal voting rights. 
2. In the UK 4th July 1954 saw the end of rationing a whole 9 years after the end of the Second World War. 
3. Also on 4th 1976, The Clash played their first live gig and what a fab band they were. 
4. 5th July 1946 saw the introduction of the bikini, designed by Louis Reard. That gives you something to think about whilst you're off on your holidays. The bikini was created 69 years ago!
5. 8th of this month in 1965 saw the famous participant of the great train robbery, Ronald Biggs, escape from prison by simply climbing over a wall onto a ladder. He then went to Brazil and recorded this song with the Sex Pistols. 
6. In 1945 on 16th July, the first atom bomb was first successfully tested under the USA's Manhattan Project. 
7. On 17th July 1955, Disneyland opened it's gates and what a magical place it still is. (Not that I've ever been)

8. 20th July 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon. We will always remember his famous quote, even if there are a load of conspiracy theories.
9. Also on 20th but in 1944, Hitler survived an assassination attempt known as the July Plot or operation Valkyrie. There's a highly dramatic film about the attempt starring Tom Cruise (trailer here). 
10. On 25th of the month in 1978, the first ever test tube baby was born and, of all the places, she was born in Manchester. (shout out to the north). 

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