Day Trip Photo Diary: York

So I took another trip over the border into good ol' Yorkshire and visited where else but York. It's a big city, with a whole tonne of historic importance.We had a snoop around some old book shops and all of the tacky souvenir shops of course. The fringe festival was on so we had a bite to eat from their selection of street food, there was a variety from pizza to burritos. After walking down lots of narrow alleys, some of which inspired Harry Potter's diagon alley, we stopped off to grab some freshly handmade lemonade. Just at this point it started to pee down with rain but luckily, I had my new orange fisherman's jacket which is clearly the best thing ever. 

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  1. I'm living in York at the moment as I'm a student here. It's such a great city! I love how well you've captured it in your photos. Hope you enjoyed your trip :) x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. I bet it's lovely to live there! Glad you liked my photos x


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