So I've clearly been on a bit of a hiatus as of late. I've had so much uni work to do and I've really not been feeling blogging in my spare time. I've been spending that doing valuable things such as sleeping, eating takeaway and watching Archer, you know the usual. But seeing as it's the holidays here's my obligatory 'I have time now, I promise to do better next year' malarkey. 

I headed to Copenhagen last week and it was wicked. It was a tad chilly at the beginning of the week so we wrapped up warm and drank a hella lot of coffee. 

We stayed in the lovely Urban House hostel which I totally recommend, as it was cheap but good quality accommodation. It is right the centre of the city, not too far from the central train station, tourist info centre and Tivoli, which is a must see - filled with rides and all things Christmassy at this time of year. From a blogging point of view, the Copenhagen style was insane, from the clothes people were wearing to home decor, it was wonderful and filled me with inspiration. How they manage to still look good when it's so cold is beyond me.

Have you been to Copenhagen/Denmark? 

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