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My name is Amy and I am a Whovian. This probably isn't something that has come across on my blog but I can assure you, it is true. Recently my lovely boyfriend treated me to tickets for the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff which, as you can image, was a dream come true. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I imagined simply an exhibition of all things timey wimey. However it was much more than this. As you enter, you are guided through the Gallifrey Museum into a Doctor Who themed adventure, experiencing what it is like to enter the TARDIS and embark on an adventure with the current Doctor, portrayed by Peter Capaldi. This section of the experience is clearly aimed for kids but I must admit, I too enjoyed it. It was a great experience to stand in a replica TARDIS and feel hear the Daleks shouting exterminate. A delight for any whovian. (note: you can't take photos/videos in this first section)

doctor who experience cardiff, weeping angel, doctor who experience review

After this section of the tour, you are unleashed into a two floor exhibition. On the first floor are the different TARDIS scenes from the different doctors' TARDISs - I'm a particular fan of the mint green décor! There's also a chance to have your photo taken with a green screen to make it look like you're on another planet or in the TARDIS, however this is a tad pricey. Upstairs are life-size characters from many of the episodes, particularly from more recent series, in addition to the iconic outfits from both the doctor, his companions and some of the prominent characters along the way. Some were replicas but the majority were the originals used in the show. In the middle of the room are of course the Daleks in a range of colours.



Naturally, you exit through the gift shop where you can purchase all things Doctor Who related. I had to leave with a pen and magnet didn't I? You can buy almost anything from tea towels and coasters to costumes so you can dress like you're favourite doctors. This is also the best place to come if you want to buy your favourite seasons/episodes - they have them all.
If you're a fan of Doctor Who, I definitely recommend taking a visit as it will not disappoint and a great value for money!

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Have you been to the experience? What did you think?

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