£1.60 Nude Nails

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Yep, you read it right, I have found a great nude nail combo for under £2.  I spotted this little gem in Primark and, though I have not heard great things about their nail polish, I thought at 60p it's worth trying. I picked up a top coat too as it's something I always forget to buy and it was only £1. 

First I just popped the Primark PS Quick Dry nail polish in the shade 07 Nude. To say it's only cheap, the brush is pretty good quality as you can tell from the lack of mess that I made (my nails usually look like they've been done by a toddler). It lives up to its name and dries, I'd say within a minute. Once it's dry I slapped on the top coat, which is also quick drying. It made my nails super shiny and made them less likely to chip. I went a whole 4 days without chipping them and when I did, it really was only minimal. 

I think this is a dream combo for nude nails. It's a great effortless look for during the week and matches with all of your outfits. Who would have thought you could achieve the perfect nude nails at only £1.60?

Have you tried Primark nail polishes? What did you think? Will you be trying this combo?

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  1. I've tested quite a few Primark nail polishes and so far i've been very impressed! I have been wearing one of the more nude shades a lot recently Xx


    1. Nude is such an easy colour to wear, I love it! x


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