Perfect Fit for Friday: How to Change Your Look from Office to Casual

H&M striped white grey shirt, H&M pointed suede boots, Primark black waistcoat, Zara leather skirt
H&M shirt and boots // Zara Skirt // Primark Waistcoat

After a long day at work on a Friday, heading out for a few drinks afterwards is a nice way to relax but you don't always have time to go home and get all glammed up but at the same time, you don't want to be stuck in your formal office wear. I'm going to show you how I would transition my outfit from office appropriate to casual ready with minimal office (if I worked in an office). This might apply to you also if you have to dress smart for college or even uni. 

Ready for the Office: For a long day at work you want to look smart and still be comfy as well as having an element of your style in there too. I would always reach for my leather skirt from Zara. Unlike other leather skirts it's a midway between pencil and mini so appropriate for an office environment and the leather makes my look a bit more unique than your standard office wear. I would pair it with a striped shirt such as this one from H&M that's smart yet super comfy - perfect for a long day. A simple tailored waistcoat really completes the look and adds a level of smartness. As for footwear, these pointed H&M boots are perfect as they have are smart with a slight heel but don't make your feet ache.
topshop sheer black cami, primark statement necklace, zara leather skirt, H&M pointed suede boots

Topshop Top // Zara Skirt // Primark Necklace // H&M Boots
Casual Drinks Ready: So you're done from work and you want to head to the pub or a nice bar for a few cocktails to celebrate that Friday feeling. However you don't want to rock up in a smart shirt and waistcoat and want to feel more relaxed. I'd swap up the shirt for a sheer camisole, like this one from Topshop. A simple way to transition your look is through accessories - I added a statement necklace and a dark red lip which makes it look like a whole new look when really you've only changed a few things. The skirt is not too formal so remains suitable and the shoes still look in place and are comfy enough to see you the whole night through.

If you're stuck for ideas on what to wear, head over to T.M. Lewin as they are all about finding the perfect look and fit and have a great range or formal wear that is perfect for the transition to going out for casual drinks. Their suits and ladies shirts are particularly impressive. 

How do you transition from office to casual? What's your perfect Friday casual look?

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