20 Goals for 20

The other week I officially left my teenage years. I am now 20 and feel that this is me entering into adulthood which terrifies the crap out of me if I am brutally honest. I feel like now is the time I should try and sort my self out and make some changes and I feel like the start of a new decade is a good time to do so #newdecadenewme

University - I'm going into my third year so it's time to make sure I am on it and work as hard as I truly can to graduate with the degree I want.
1. Pick a dissertation topic that you will enjoy and work hard at it
2. Get more work experience over the summer
3. Find out what you want to do with your life and make it happen!
4.Get a 2:1 or a 1st class degree.

Lifestyle/Hobbies -I won't lie, I don't have many hobbies and those that I do have I don't practice very often.
5. Learn how to swim with confidence
6. Keep your room tidy. You've been alive for 20 years and you still haven't mastered it.
7. Take up more hobbies - don't worry if you're rubbish at them, just try.
8. Actually do the hobbies you already love.
9. Travel more, see things. All of the things.
10. Budget your money

Work on yourself - I don't want to change drastically but there are things I know I should do
11. Eat more healthily (cut down on biscuits, Amy just do it)
12. Exercise, like actually do something.
13. Work hard on everything you do.
14. Stop worrying about what other people think. Chances are they don't actually care.
15. Be honest. Don't just say you don't mind.
16. Buy an awesome foundation.

Blog - And of course I want to improve my blog!
17. Set aside time to blog.
18. Venture outside to take pictures
19. Improve your writing style.

20. Do more of what makes you happy, because that's all that really matters.

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