Bristol Habourside

I have found myself hanging out at Bristol Harbourside a lot recently, especially now the weather is getting warmer. I walk along the river on my many journeys to Bristol Record Office where I have been venturing a lot to get stuff for my uni project. And of course I have been dangling my legs over the edge drinking Rekorderlig, eating curry and watching the sun set (and almost being attacked by a swan). 

It's a great place to go to eat, there's so many bars and restaurants fulfilling everyone's taste - I recommend the Stable for some wicked pizza, pie and cider. But if you're stuck for choosing, head to Za Za's for an all you can eat world buffet. You can stuff your face whilst enjoying Bristol's pretty views. Or you could do what I did and grab some street food and sit outside.

I'm currently buried under with project stuff and exams at the moment so cue a month hiatus. I will try to blog when I can but don't hold me to it.

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