5 goals for the rest of 2016

So the year is coming to a close and I need to get my act together and why wait for the new year? We all know if you put it off until the whole 'new year, new me' you just know it aint gonna happen so start now. Pre-new year's resolutions. Why not end the year feeling like you've actually accomplished something?

  1. Don't buy any more clothes This will be hard for me but I have a full wardrobe of stuff I don't need or wear so I just need to stop. I have a winter wardrobe that is pretty damn good so lets leave it at that. If I do need something I will have to weigh up whether it is truly necessary.
  2. Spend your money wisely This relates to the top one but I'm always buying stuff I don't need like food I wont end up eating or not buying stuff to make lunch and having to buy food in uni shops. Sort yaself out yeah?
  3. Save some money I don't mean just cut back I mean actually start saving for reals.
  4. Work Hard I have loads of uni stuff to do and a big deadline in January so I need to just spend all of my time in the library (away from the shops) and work my butt off, 
  5. Enjoy Yourself What are my goal posts without a 'be happy' point? While it's all good and well saying do this, do that, you gotta make sure you're happy. If it feels like too much, and I mean if you're stressed not just being a lazy ass, then take a break. Make sure you still have fun. 

Do you think it's worth making goals for the rest of the year?


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  1. and i am so joining you on these goals. must. not. buy. anymore. clothes. xx


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