5 February Goals

Well that was a long month wasn't it? I've had a pretty decent January. I've been to London to look around art galleries for my dissertation, I've written a decent amount of my dissertation and I've completed dry January (I had 1 day off but I am making up for it). The next month is going to fly by so here are some goals to keep me on track: 

1. Write more dissertation. I say this is a goal but it's something that I 100% have to do. I want to get as much as I can completed by the end of the month to take of the pressure.
2. Get ahead on essays. Another uni related one but I have a busy month in March so I need to get ahead, I just need some more motivation pls. 
3. Don't let uni stress stop me from having fun. It's super easy to feel bad for having a day off , for not constantly working or just feeling like you haven't done enough. I have some fun things planned for this month and I need to remember that I deserve to have a break!
4. Go running more. I have been on a few runs this year and even though I am awful at it, I want to keep at it and get the most out of my trainers.
5. Get up earlier. I don't know if it's January blues or what but I have been finding it so hard to get up in the mornings. I feel so tired if I don't have at least 10 hours sleep and I find myself nodding off or with itchy eyes throughout the day. I want to get up earlier and be super productive. 

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  1. Great goals!!
    Get stuck into that dissertation but don't forget to have fun, that seems like a good plan!!
    I aim to do a bit more running myself as I've just signed up for a 10K and I can't run the length of myself :p
    Gillian  xx  Eyelinerflicks.com

    1. Good luck with the 10k, I bet signing up for that is a great motivator!! x


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