March Goals

This month has gone way too quickly for my liking but it has been a pretty awesome month. I have a lot planned for March, including gigs and my birthday shenanigans (I'm going to be 21 and I'm terrified).  I completed 3 out of 5 of my February goals. Lets just say it's been too cold to run and early mornings are not for me. Excuses excuses.... Here's 5 more goals for to keep me motivated throughout March.

1. Finish my dissertation I'm currently half way through but I want to be pretty much finished by the end of the month so that I can spend April editing and making it the best it can be.
2. Be a morning person, like seriously. So trying to get up early in February didn't work out that well but I'm working on it. I need more hours in the day and getting up early will give me so much more time to get stuff done. I just need to get my lazy butt out of bed...but it's so comfy.
3. Have an awesome birthday. With 3 deadlines, a looming exams and dissertation hand in and a conference to prepare for, this month is going to be packed with uni work. But as well a couple of gigs, my birthday weekend is a time to chill and have a wicked time. I have a lot of things planned so it should be alright. You're only 21 once, right? 
4. Worry less. I think I say this a lot but I worry about anything and everything and my life would be way much easier right now if I worried less. I need to just calm it and stay positive and focused and all should be ok. Hopefully.
5. Enjoy my last few weeks of academia. Although this term doesn't end until the end of April, most of my lectures will be coming to an end this month and who knows if or when I will go back into education. Maybe I'll do a masters at some point or maybe I wont. I really like being in education, it's a safe haven from the real world and I'm not totally ready to leave. I need to enjoy now whilst I still can. 

This month is a big one. I'm 21 and finishing up at uni. I guess I need to start adulting now. Maybe I don't wanna.

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  1. Fabulous goals! Kudos on reaching thee halfway mark in your dissertation and resolving to finish it this month and edit in April. I'm a night bird so becoming a morning person sounds daunting.
    Best wishes for an awesome happy birthday!!! I hope your wishes come true.
    Great goals! I'd love to manage to worry less (and be 21 again) myself! Enjoy!


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