Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress - Charity Shop // Neck tie - Boohoo // Fishnet tights & jacket - Primark // Shoes - Dr Martens 

 The more observant amongst you will have noticed that the picture quality has suddenly increased. Yup after 5/6 years of blogging, I've finally invested in a decent camera. I've been meaning to blog this outfit ever since I bought this dress which was such a long time ago. I don't usually wear white because I spill stuff so easily but so far so good. A shirt dress is definitely something you need in your wardrobe as they always come back in trend and it gives a nod to the shirt trend that is so popular at the moment. I love red details at the moment so I had to pair the black and white with a pop of red with the neck tie, it makes the outfit more interesting if not kind of air hostessy. And of course, the fishnets had to make another appearance just so I can try and look cooler, emphasis on the try.

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