5 Goals for May

Where have the months gone, eh? January only seems like yesterday and now it's May! This month is kind of a big month with some exciting things happening including a stag do (yep you read that right), a weekend away, finishing uni and a mini festival. Here's my goals to keep me in check for the month and to make sure I'm staying happy.

1. Ace those last exams. I have my two final exams at the beginning of this month and who knows, they might be the last academic exams I ever do and I'm not sure  how I feel about that. I am pretty worried about them but I want to remain calm and try and ace them. 
2. Relax. The end of exams will signify the end of uni and the first of the days where I can lie in, sit around all day and go shopping without feeling like I need to be doing my dissertation or revise. I want to take some time to just enjoy the calm.
3. Make a plan. I will finish uni properly this month so I need to make some kind of plan about careers and what not and get over my fear of adulting (but I don't wanna.....).
4. Pack it up. I need to spend May and the free time I have packing up my life at my uni house ready for the move into Sam's. Yup, I'm going to be living with a boy next month.
5. Blog more. With all of this free time that I will have, I want to blog more and get a chance to use that lovely new camera of mine. Stay tuned. 

What are your goals for May?

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