Why It's Good To Take A Break

The other week I headed down to Mudeford, Bournemouth to stay in a beach hut for the weekend for a friend's birthday. Away from roads, towns and shops, it was nice to get away from city life for weekend and take in the beautiful scenery and peaceful sound of the sea. 

Whilst I love social media and the internet and spent some of my time over the weekend thinking 'this will make a good instagram post' or 'I need to blog this outfit', it was nice to switch off my phone to save battery due to limited electricity access and just enjoy myself and have a blast with the people I was with. Although I personally see nothing wrong with enjoying using social media and seeing what other people are talking about, sometimes it's nice to just take a break and focus on yourself. In a period where social media essentially controls us, since unfortunately we use it as our main news source and we're constantly updating and perusing channels to see what people are doing, it's often hard to drag yourself away and to realise that whilst it's fun to browse twitter all day, there is so much more to life. 

Primark Top // Charity Shop Jeans // H&M Sandals

Why don't you try it? Have a weekend away or even go and explore your home town. By all means take some pictures but switch off your internet and just enjoy yourself and the company without the distraction of the internet. See how it goes. You're sure to feel much better. 

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