Eden Project

Last week I went on a little holiday to Par in Cornwall which is just a short trip away from the Eden Project. As a child, I went on holiday to Cornwall and Devon quite a lot and always saw signs and leaflets for the Eden Project and was fascinated by the giant bubbles, or biomes, that somewhat resemble bubble wrap but I imagine it would be much less satisfying to pop. After always begging my parents to go and never actually visiting, I finally visited last week and it did not disappoint. Built in an old China clay mine, the Eden Project team have created a wonderland filled with thousands of plants, habitats and areas to save the bees. Finally, after venturing down the winding paths, you reach the biomes which each have their own environment; one rainforest and one Mediterranean. Each biome homes tropical plants, native creatures, ponds, waterfalls and rope bridges. It's a great chance to see some tropical scenery whilst staying here in the rainy old UK. It's a perfect day out if you're in the area and I definitely recommend grabbing yourself an ice cream too.  

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