Vantage Point: Taking the Perfect Photo

I recently purchased myself a DSLR camera for my 21st Birthday and when I have taken it out on adventures (and actually remembered the SD card) I've been capturing some of my favourite shots. A lot of these photographs have been of plants because I've been visiting a lot of tropical gardens as of late and lets face it, plants are very photogenic and Instagram worthy. As a DSLR noob, it can be hard to get the settings right, from making sure its focused to learning all about exposures, white balance and shutter speeds and if you're not yet fully fluent it can be a bit daunting and make capturing beautiful images a heft task. These are my favourite images taken with either my Canon 700D or my sister's Nikon DSLR. You can probably understand why I like these two images as they are perfectly in focus and have that highly desire blurry background which can be hard to achieve for beginners but they both definitely took a lot of time (mainly to change the settings) and a small bit of editing to get them exactly how I wanted. 

The new Light L16 camera aims to make taking the perfect image a whole easier. It works as though 10+ cameras are shooting simultaneously and the results are merged together to create one high quality image. With in-built editing software and with an intelligent zoom, you're guaranteed to get the best image the first time and without having to spend time editing images post-shoot. It's a small compact system that you can take anywhere with you and would be perfect for all bloggers and vloggers once the 4K video feature is added. It's an interesting product that all budding photographers would want to play with, particularly with it's unique look and ability to create the perfect image the first time. 

How do you create a perfect photograph? 

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