10 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January is a weird month. We've just spent some time of work indulging in nice food and drink and doing a whole lot of nothing. Now we're back at work and it feels like it's been January forever and payday is just a dream that is still weeks away. I'm writing this on blue Monday and it's safe to say I'm feeling the gloom. The days are still dark, it feels like it has been winter forever and I'm already failing most of my resolutions but it's time to get out of the slump. These are some of my tips for trying to feel a bit better when you've got the January blues. 

1. Drink Less. For the most of us, we've spent Christmas and New Year in a drunken haze in the festive spirit of 'be merry'. However, alcohol is not exactly a great mood booster. Now you might not be doing dry January but I think drinking less will significantly improve your mood, especially if you are a regular drinker usually. Take some time off from the ol' sauce and see if your blues subside. 

2. Drink More. I of course mean drink more water. Sometimes I can feel ill and tired all day and then I will realise I haven't had a drink of water all day. Now I'm not saying you've got to make sure you drink your 2 litres a day but make an effort to drink more water throughout the day and you will feel energised.

3. Don't Force Yourself to do Things You Don't Want to Do. Now this may sound weird but hear me out. January is notorious for goal setting and making big changes but sometimes it can all be a bit too much. If at the beginning of the month you have vowed to change to a vegan lifestyle, exercise everyday and get up at 7am to become a morning person, there's a chance you're probably going to burn yourself out. Too much change at once isn't always a good thing. Incorporate changes you want to make slowly and don't be mad at yourself for not completely sticking to something. If you don't feel like going to the gym, that's fine! Don't force yourself if it's going to make you miserable. Take baby steps and make slow improvements - you've your whole life ahead of you!

4. Journal. Sometimes you can have so many thoughts and feelings going through your head and it can make you just want to curl up in a ball and not move for a week. Why not try journaling to get out your feelings that you might not want to share with other people. It's a good way to vent and also to try and understand your feelings. 

5. Have a Pamper Day. I'm sure you probably got endless amounts of Lush products and bath stuff for Christmas so why not put it to some use? Have a bath, listen to some music and just relax. A bath and some pampering can solve almost any issue. 

6. Go Outside. The weather is cold and miserable and yup I agree, bed looks like a better option than venturing out into the wilderness. However, being stuck inside all of the time may also have a negative impact on your mood. Go outside, even if it's for half an hour or just walking to a coffee shop, the fresh air will make you feel better and you will feel productive for moving off of the sofa. 

7. Have a Sort Out. I started the year feeling cluttered. I had a sort out of a few things, nothing too major just sorting out a cupboard or two, and I felt so much better afterwards. Move things around in your house/flat/room and sort out that area that's a dumping ground for stuff you don't know what to do with - you know the place. A tidy home makes a tidy mind too right?

8. Get a Haircut. Start the New Year with a new look. Treat yourself to hair cut or get your nails done and you'll feel super swanky and fresh. I find a new hair cut motivates me to be experimental with styling it and taking care of myself a bit more - a perfect thing to do when you feel, well when you feel shit. 

9. Try a New Hobby. This is something I struggle with as whenever I try something new I tend to give up easily. Picking up a new hobby like crafts or joining a book club will change up your routine and give you something new to do other than dwelling on your sadness. 

10. Nap. If all else fails just have a nap. Naps solve everything. 

How do you beat the January blues?

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