6 Goals for 2018

1. Save some more money. This was on my list of goals for last year and, whilst I did achieve it, I want to save some more money to achieve the plans I have for this year. 
2. See the world. So I'm 21 and I've barely seen any of the world. I've been on one holiday to a foreign country in the last 10 years and I only saw the tiniest snippet of it. I want to see the world, experience the culture and of course get away from the UK for a bit. 
 3. Keep going to the gym. I did something revolutionary this year and I joined the gym. I hate exercise so it's been a struggle and towards the end of 2017, I've not been motivated. But in the spirit of 'new year, new me', I should probably get back to and try and get some abs instead of flabs.  
4. Work on my blog. 2017 was a relatively good year for my blog as I've tried to improve the quality of each post and have worked on various sponsored content. I want to make time to keep blogging and keep improving my content. I want to get a custom domain and work on my blog design. Watch this space. 
5. Self Improvement. I'll be completely honest with and tell you that towards the end of 2017 I haven't felt the happiest. I don't have a particular reason for feeling down but it's safe to say I've not been feeling 100%. I feel that a bit of self improvement and self love can sort this out. I need to take care of myself and my surroundings and put a bit more effort into each aspect of my life and hopefully I will see my mood improve. If that fails, then I think I need brighter and longer days. 
6. Improve my photography skills. I invested in a good DSLR camera for my birthday this year to encourage myself to develop my photography skills and to improve the content of my blog. However, I have barely had chance to sit down and learn how to use it properly and how to get the sort of image that I'm looking for. Maybe a photography course or some youtube binge watching is in order. 

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