Wishing For Spring

Jacket // Striped Top // Earrings // Necklace// Blouse // Jeans

As the days still seem to be freezing and thousands of layers don't seem to cut it, I find myself dreaming of the days where I can wear smaller jackets, no tights and not worry about freezing to death every time I leave the house. I think Winter can make you feel very uninspired with outfits because you just know it will be covered up the same old coat you always wear and a massive scarf. Working somewhere where you have to wear a uniform that you can't put your own twist on can be hard too. It means you only end up with 2 days a week that you wear what you actually want to wear because, let's face it, in the evenings all I ever wear is my trusty pyjamas.

Anyway, rant over. This is what I want to wear for SS18. 

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