A Beginner's Guide to Going Cruelty Free on a Budget: 6 Top Tips

I am sure it hasn't escaped your attention but cruelty free beauty is becoming much more popular and obviously for a good reason. Even in todays day and age, animal testing is still a massive issue. 

In 2013 a new European Union law was implemented stating that it is illegal to sell animal tested cosmetic products in the European Union, including the UK. This is because, well for starters, cruel methods are used to test the products on animals and they are subject to needless torture in the name of human vanity. There are also better methods that have been developed that do not involve cruelty, meaning there is simply no need to test on animals anymore. 

You might be thinking, "Well surely if it's been banned what's the issue?" Well, although companies can't sell animal tested products in Europe, they can still test them on animals and sell them in foreign markets. One prominent example of this is China, who insist quite the opposite and demand that cosmetic products must be tested on animals. As a result, any product that is sold in China, still tests on animals. As you can see, if you purchase products from a brand that sells their products in China, you are funding companies that still test on fluffies.

One other issue that remains is that whilst a brand might not test on animals, their parent company may still continue to do so, meaning you will be funding their animal research. 

It's a whole whirlwind of chaos and difficult to know if a brand tests on animals and then if not if their parent company does so. It makes the whole idea of going cruelty free (CF) quite daunting but alas, here is a guide on how to make the whole process simple and budget friendly. But first, I would like to just put it out there that I am not yet 100% CF, I am just working towards a CF beauty routine. I hope to keep you all updated on my CF journey and help you along the way too!

1. It's ok to use up old products first. Of course, nobody is expecting you to throw out all of your beauty products and start a fresh because who the hell can afford to do that? Not me, that's for sure. Use up your current products and try and replace them with CF alternatives. Find out what you have already that is CF. This is also a great way to find new products that you have never tried before! I already have a lot of non-CF stuff that I need to use up e.g. my Cabtree and Evelyn hand cream pictured above. 

2. Find out some top brands that are CF. Make a list of some brands that are CF to provide you with an easy to follow guide to start you off. Find out some brands within your budget. Look at products when you go shopping and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised with what you find. For example, all of Superdrug's own brand products are cruelty free, decent quality and purse friendly.

3. The internet is your best friend. If in doubt, just google it. This is the easiest way to find out whether a product is CF when you're on the go. However if you don't want to spend your shopping trips tied to your phone, make a list before hand of brands to look out for and those to avoid. I like this list and this one also.

4. It's okay if you make a mistake. It's okay to buy something thinking it was CF and then finding out the brand sells in China or that they are owned by a brand that still does the tests. You are still learning and you will get there in the end. It's a learning experience for us all. I bought a Mitchum deodorant as they don't test on animals only to find they are owned by a bigger brand that does.  

5. Look out for the leaping bunny logo If there's a little picture of a leaping bunny on your product, you're good to go! 

6. Here are some CF brands to help you on your way. Batiste, Elf,  Freedom Makeup, GOSH, Make Up Revolution, MUA, Primark and Sleek.

I hope this has been useful for anybody wishing to enter a CF world. Please leave a comment with your favourite CF brands and tips!

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