My 5 Plastic Free Shower Time Staples

Long time, no blog. I have been positively AWOL the past few months due to moving house and life just generally getting in the way. But I am back and today I want to share with you my top 4 shower time staples. I'm talking products that I use every time I shower and they are all plastic free and all natural too. 

So in terms of general washing of the body, I have switched to a good old fashioned bar of soap. I opt for natural and organic soap that doesn't have any nasty chemicals in because who wants to smother that over their body? Organic soaps aren't even that expensive and often come in cardboard or paper packaging. Why not try a bar of soap from Lush and take your own bag for them to put it in to avoid waste altogether?

Moving onto my hair, I have also switched to package free shampoo in the form of shampoo bars. Currently, I'm using the Friendly Soap lavender and tea tree bar which is all natural, cruelty free and vegan. I have a love-hate relationship with my shampoo bar. Because it's completely natural and organic there aren't any toxic chemicals in it. My hair is so used to your standard shampoos containing toxins such as sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate and now I am not putting them on my hair, it is overproducing oils and makes my hair seem greasy. I have read that there is a 'getting used to' period and eventually your hair will be completely fine without the chemicals but I am in this inbetween stage at the moment. However, my good friend apple cider vinegar is helping me with this. Instead of conditioner, I create a apple cider vinegar rinse (ACVR) by putting a bit of ACV in a glass bottle and filling it up with water, pour it all over my hair, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse out. My hair is still a tad greasy but the rinse makes it so much softer than a shampoo bar alone so would definitely recommend.

To remove my make up, I have been avoiding high street cleansers, which again are full of nasty chemicals and are often in plastic bottles. I have begun using the miracle product that is coconut oil. I smooth it onto my face, and rub over my eye make up and then wipe off using a wet flannel. This is basically a DIY hot cloth oil cleanser. All natural and plastic free and the oil comes in a glass jar and SO much cheaper. 

If you add the prices of all of these products together, it costs less than £10. This shows that plastic free doesn't have to be expensive at all and definitely something you should consider if you want to cut the costs. 

What are you plastic free bathroom staples?

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