Anti-Fast Fashion Outfit and It Costs Under £10

More environmentally friendly fashion seems daunting. You might think you have to dish out a load of cash on purchasing items made of organic, biodegradable ethically sourced materials. In reality, for the average person on an average wage, this is not feasible. If you have a lot of money and are able to shop at those sorts of shops/brands, then go for it but for me this isn't really an option. 

My next best option to avoid fast fashion and the impact it has on the earth is second hand shopping. Whether this is through Ebay and Depop or charity shopping, it's a great way to reduce waste and avoid having clothes dumped in landfill. 

If you have followed my blog since the early days (congrats for sticking with me) you will know I love a charity shop and to be honest nothing has changed. Living in Bristol you find some gems in the charity shops and they are often stocked with high street and designer brands. 

This whole outfit (apart from the tights) is entirely second hand and all in all cost me £8.50. Yep, less than a tenner for the whole outfit (I'm not including the price of the tights). My jumper, a brand new H&M knit was found in a charity shop in Bedminster for just £3.50 and I am quite sure it's never been worn. My skirt originates from Topshop and cost £5.00 from another charity shop along Gloucester Road which is hands down one of the best places to charity shop in Bristol. My shoes are even second hand Doc Martens that I were passed on to me from my Boyfriend's Mom who didn't want them and cost me nothing at all. It was either pass them on to me or bin them - they are brand new!
This just goes to show that you can avoid fast fashion without having to invest in super sustainable pieces. A simple swap to purchasing things that you want second hand will help the environment by reducing waste and give items a whole new life and it will save you a quid or two. It will also reduce the amount of money pumping into consumerist companies and reduce the demand for fast fashion which hopefully will make them rethink their ways. And huge added bonus is that the money you pay for the second hand items goes to a charitable cause. You're doing good and getting some nice clothes. It's a win win situation if you ask me. 

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  1. That outfit you styled featuring outfit pieces you found whilst doing the environmentally friendly method of shopping in charity shoppes look fabulous, and you look fabulous wearing it in the lovely outfit photos above. I love the look of the thrifted lace-up beige H+M jumper styled with the thrifted cut-off black denim Topshop skirt. Your hair looks beautiful.

    1. I am glad you liked the post, thank you!


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