An Ode To Bristol

Dear Bristol, 

Thank you for everything. 

Thank you for being the city in which I achieved so much. Bristol is where I pursued my passions and made my proudest moments because hell yeah I got my First Class Degree and took steps to progress my career in heritage and history. I got my first ever job, my first ever museum job and finally my first ever museum job that I absolutely adored. 
Thank you for being the city where I could grow. I arrived nervous, petty and quite ignorant. I am leaving stronger, wiser, more open minded and most importantly - a fuck load happier. 
Thank you for helping me find the best people. I made friends and I lost friends. And then I made some more friends who are my favourite people to be with in my favourite city. I of course also found the person who I love the most in this incredible city and I am so grateful that we could call it our home before we find new adventures.
Thank you for being the greatest city. I am going to miss seeing hot air balloons on a clear sunny day and brave paddleboarders in the middle of Autumn. I'll miss dangling my feet over the side of the harbour drinking cider and eating Tuk Tuk take out. I'll miss walking up Park Street in the pouring rain and trapsing across the city in the snow of 2018. I will miss playing ping pong outisde the Arnolfini, having BBQs in Castle Park and sitting on Brandon Hill to watch the sunrise. I'll miss perusing Bristol Museum and watching the stars in the planetarium. I'll miss the man who rides the funky bike blasting songs including Ronan Keating as he crosses the city (Bristolians you know exactly who I mean). 
I will miss this incredible city that I have had the pleasure to call my home for almost five years. 
Thank you Bristol. It's been gert lush. 


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