Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Are you even 23 if you don't quote Blink 182 lyrics? As you may have guessed, I recently reached the ripe old age of 23. As always, I don't feel much different. However, spending time in New Zealand has allowed me to get a fresh perspective on my life and given me a whole load of inspiration. I am very excited for the year I have ahead of me and incredibly inspired to make the absolute most of it. I've compiled myself some goals to keep me guided through my year.

#1 Learn a New Language
When I was at school I learned German and I wanted to continue it for A-Level but due to lack of demand for the class, they cancelled it and, well that was that. After an 8 year gap, I want to try and pick it up again. I feel somewhat ignorant not knowing another language and constantly presuming that everyone else will know English. Armed with the Duolingo App, I am trying to refresh myself on the basics and learn how to hold a conversation in a language other than English. Wish me luck.

#2 Learn an Instrument
I wasn't ever particularly interested in learning an instrument as a child, however I did dabble recorder playing but I'm not too sure that really counts. I tried for a very short amount of time to learn the guitar but I never really got it. I'm not exactly trying to become some kind of musician, I just want a new skill so I bought a ukelele.  And it has a shark on it. If you know of any apps/tutorials that are good for learning, let me know!

#3 Start my History Website
I finished my History degree 2 Years ago and I haven't really done much with it. I love learning and writing about history and I have wanted to launch my own website containing some of my research and cool facts. This has been in the works for over 2 years now and I have been SUPER lazy. This year I want to get it up and running.

#4 Try New Things
I am a creature of habit and completely stuck in my ways. I am scared to try new things and will happily always take the safe option. Being in a new country (have I mentioned the fact that I'm in NZ enough?) I have done so many things out of my comfort zone and I want to continue to do so. I think it will work wonders for my confidence and general wellbeing. Are there any new things you think I should try?

#5 Read
I swear this is on every 'goal' type post I have ever written. I am clearly rubbish at achieving this one but it's one I still want to strive towards. It will greatly improve my writing and vocabulary but it always seems like I have better things to be doing i.e. endlessly scrolling through Instagram daydreaming of clothes I will never buy as they wont exaclty fit into my capsule wardrobe now will they? I am currently reading Magnetic Mountain by Thomas Mann. What do you think I should read next?

Have you set yourself any goals recently? What were they?

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