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When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, don't you always feel a bit guilty throwing away cards that people have sent you? I know I do and often end up with a stash of cards that I'm keeping for 'sentimental' reasons but in reality, I just have a box of cards that I'm never going to look at.

Over the past 6 months I have been warming to the idea of minimalism. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, getting rid of physical items that don't bring value to your life. Part of this is the idea of going paperless. You can do this for greetings cards too with Paperless Post who create online customizable stationary to send to your loved ones, catering to all occasions including birthdays, christmas, Ramadan, Diwali and invites for weddings and parties. They have collaborated with lots of different desginers including Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co. so you can be sure they have a wide range of beautiful options to choose from. 
Siamese (Yelena Bryksenkova)
I chose this floral 'Hello' design by Anna Emilia Latinen for Red Cap Cards as I thought it was really pretty and very my sort of style. After chosing your card design you can customise it to exactly how you want, including the background of the card, the text inside as well as colour of the envelope and envelope lining. As you can see, I went all out. I love how you can tailor the card to exactly what you want as this is something you can't do with a regular card. It makes it seem more personalised and more thought has gone into it.

The website did seem to lag a little whilst I was using it but generally it was a very simple process. There's something quite enjoyable about being able to creatively edit every aspect of the card until you get exactly what you want.

You pay for the cards using the website's coin system. You purchase coins which you then go on to use to purchase the card. Some customisations will cost 1 coin but it works out quite affordable. 

I love that this is something that you can send and they can keep without cluttering their lives. It is also great for last minute cards or to simply send a quick message to someone to let them know that you are thinking of them. 

If you are looking to go paperless then I definitely recommend Paperless Post for all you card and stationary needs. 

*Ad/Gift - I was gifted coins to use on Paperless Post in return for a review. All thoughts are my own and 100% genuine. 

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